How Students Could Become More Proficient on Everything?

Just like adults, students also have something that they really love. In this case, they may want to get uninterrupted time with tools and specific space. They want to follow a passion. Students will often start dreaming on specific things. They need to play instruments or create specific arts. They enjoy of being rewarded by having achieving specific set of new skills. We could imagine being able to do something new; no matter how simple it is; when we were much younger. This is something that can encourage students to learn more about specific subjects. By the time students have reached seventh grade; they should already accumulate at least 2000 hours of practice or training on something that the love most. They should always be active on specific teams and be instructed by coaches. This should allow them to be full connected with the long-term progression on achieving something. Students will also need to participate in projects related to their preferred skills, so they can stay connected and move forward on their journey towards real mastery.

By the time students have graduated from high school, they should already accumulate five thousand hours of training and practice time. At this stage, students are prepared for pre-professional career related to their skills. In fact, many students are able to obtain financial aids and scholarships due to exceptional skills in sports, music and other things. This is a great starting point for students to achieve lifetime skills that can be used professionally. With this consideration, we know that it is important for us to spend more time on things that we love significantly. It would be a huge loss if we suddenly change our mind and try something new. Many of us have played basketball or baseball; when we were younger. We would achieve so much more if we focus on only one thing; instead of trying too many sports and losing our focus. In the end; we could lose interests in sports and we only go to gym to exercise. Eventually, we will be busy in the workplace and many people actually start to have sedentary lifestyle.

It is important for us to have continuous connection to core subjects on things that students may need to focus on. This should allow students to achieve many things at the higher level. They would need to learn how to do things clearly and effectively. Students will have the experience to not only do things proficiently, but also come up with new methods that can bring their skills to a new level. We should imagine schools that have proper academics and other sports related programs. These places should be quite ideal in ensuring the long term proficiency of our children. They will be able to define things that need to be performed to reach the new level. It should be quite easy to feel fresh energy, when we see students do something eagerly. Adults should also be inspired on how their children work hard to achieve new things in their lives.


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