How To Befriend Search Engine Spiders?

Some people think that spiders are scary and creepy and they are the source of nightmare for arachniphobes. However, digital spiders are integral part of SEO industry. Spiders or also often known as bots are essentially automated computer programs that are sent out by major search engine services, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing to “crawl” our website, index it and report back. This may sound like a sinister depiction of how search engine services work, but that’s what they do. Without the arrival of spiders, our website would be invisible to search engines. If we our website is not indexed, it won’t appear in search engine results and we will get no traffic.

In general, spiders are essential if we want to offer relevant things to our readers and consumers. However, there are things we do that prevent us to be at peace with search engine spiders. If we want to befriend search engine spiders, we should do the following things.

  • We should repeat primary keywords in our content. Five percent of keyword density is often considered as ideal. It means that five percent of words in our content are primary keywords that we want to focus on.
  • We should maintain keyword relevancy throughout the website.
  • We should achieve authority and encourage people to go to our website because we are considered as experts in the niche. With enough valuable content, we could be considered as expert in the subject.

If we want search engine spiders to see relevancy in our website, we should organize it around a theme. The theme should be considered as our focus, when we want to develop our content. We should stay true to our content and spiders will understand what we want. It will report back to search engines and our website will be listed in appropriate keyword-based ranks. Let’s say that we are car loan professionals that want a piece of the pie in the huge car sales industry. We should provide honest, fresh and interesting overview of the industry based on our direct experience. This will attract spiders to crawl our website, because we have a unique, natural-looking content. Eventually, people will arrive and they will recommend our website by adding one-way inbound links to our website.

In this case, spiders will love our website if we are consistent and always provide relevant information car loan topics. Combining unrelated topics could confuse spiders and they will give conflicting reports about our website. This will affect our ranking based on primary keywords. If we add unoriginal content, spiders will leave our website in disgust and it will refuse to index those pages. In fact, it is possible that search engines will penalize websites that are dominated by non-original content. Making friend with search engine spiders is plain and simple. We should be consistent and offer content that they never see before, during their crawling adventure in the online realm.


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