Making Students to Become Proficient on Specific Things

Many parents want their children to become prodigies and geniuses in specific things, or if possible on all things. However, like any ordinary people; many children have standard level of comprehension. Despite of this, any person can achieve mastery; although it may take time. Experts say that it takes on average of ten thousands hours of learning and practice to master specific skill. This is a commonly accepted benchmark to ensure that we are able to many things. In fact, many academics, artists, musicians and athletes need to spend so much team perfecting their skills and crafts to achieve specific things. This isn’t a simple thing to do; because they need to work hard to achieve what they deserve. However, when we take a look at the standard educational process, children may not have equal opportunities to something like that. As an example, students will spend a few months on soccer, and then they move on to basketball and later on volleyball. This isn’t something that can build up proficiency.

In order to improve proficiency in the classroom, it is important for students to spend enough time on a specific subject. This can be applied to any topic, but it is preferable to choose subjects that are preferred by students. In this case, students should be asked to build strong attachment to an object that they prefer. It means that, even if the whole family needs to move out or relocate new locations; they can still allow students to continue on building their proficiency. A skill shouldn’t be bound to a geographical area and it should be common enough. In this case, students don’t need to start all over again. This can be applied both on classroom lessons and outdoor sports. Regardless of what we choose, students should be eager to focus on their effort on specific things. Students can be allowed to try many things; but once they are interested on a specific thing; parents should encourage students to become more focused on it. It means that they shouldn’t choose other things too soon; because they decide that it’s no longer an interesting thing to do.

This should allow students to excel on specific things and in this situation, students are often more than willing to give much of their free time on things that they live most. In order for someone to be successful, he or she needs to allocate just enough time to learn all the required details. They also need to practice consistently with the proper guidance from qualified instructors using the right tools and equipments. It means that if students want to become a good hockey player; they will need highly qualified coach, hockey equipments and enough ice time. If students prefer to become a musician; they will need to be instructed by music teachers with enough passion and skills; as well as good violin or piano in a proper music room. Again, the most difficult thing is to find out what students are interested on; so they won’t constantly change their focus.


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